The easy to use,
non-complicated budgeting app for your short-term and micro budgets.

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Budgeting Made Simple

Budgets can be difficult... Your budgeting app shouldn't be.

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Budget Anywhere

ShortBudget is available on iTunes & Google Play.

Track Your Spending

See where you are spending most of your cash.

Meet Your Goals

The spending progress bar makes it easy to stay within your budget.

Ease of Use

Master your budget with just the features you need to succeed.

Stop waiting.
Start saving.

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What ShortBudget Is All About

The easiest and most effective short-term, micro budgeting app on the market.

Forget extensive, confusing and over complicated apps that just discourage you from meeting your goals. ShortBudget is an easy to use, no-frills budgeting app designed to help you meet your short-term and micro budgeting goals. See your budget, add purchases and track your spending - that’s it! It might not sound like a lot but everything about this app will make you want to keep using it.

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